Roses Kola Tonic


Contacted the supplier for clarification and after checking with their supplier was told that for some reason the bottles had been mislabelled deliberately. Aa biltong bledie lekker biltong and its made in the usa.

Rose S Cordials

Claytons kola tonic contains the kola nut of west africa long known as a mild stimulant and widely claimed to revive the body from a variety of ailments.

Roses kola tonic. Or build in a glass and top with chilled soda water not that interesting just kind of tastes like too sweet lemony cola. 0 fat 100 carbs 0 prot. Some lime juice and a splash of high west rendezvous rye rendered it somewhat more palatable.

Buy roses kola tonic squash from international foods online trusted importers of international foods drinks and groceries. From refreshing cocktails to flavoured squashes the roses cordial kola tonic 750ml has it all. Enjoy roses cordial on its own with ice and a splash of water or as the basis of your favourite cocktail.

Wheen rhe tonic arrived it was found to be labelled cordail. Biltong droewors and boerewors are the things that south africans dream of in the usa and all american biltong is the best in the united states. Claytons kola tonic shake well and serve in cocktail glass.

Also offers local delivery from their storefront in victoria british columbia. Roses has been mixing with the in crowd for more than 140 years. Having been used to the claytons version of the tonic we were a little surprised when the roses version was tried.

This non alcoholic tonic is a refreshing invigorating drink that can be enjoyed in a variety of combinations or all by itself. Made by roses mixed by you. There are 23 calories in a 100ml serving of roses kola tonic flavoured cordial.

Buy it now and savour the taste of south africa. Roses kola tonic south african condiments drinks and snacks. Try the kola tonic flavoured cordial drink that is made by roses enjoyed by you.

It remains equally at home in your kitchen as it does in the glitziest clubs and bars around the world.

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