Sunflower Images Gallery (Part II)

Sunflower images
I'd also suggest that if you're going to go that Monstress varieties that you go them against a fence a wall or even the house so that you can offer additional support up high should they need it the eventual spacing a part of your plants is about 30 to 40 centimeters but I like to sow a few more just a little bit closer just in case they don't all come up if you do get them all to come up of course you're very lucky first off but you can always go in and thin them out and perhaps replant those settings elsewhere in the garden it's adorable to do you just using a bamboo cane or a dipper or even your finger if it's a nice saw poke it in like a hole so the depth that's specified on the packet and put your seed in one seed per hole is enough you simply pop it in then you just cover the hole importantly then label each seedling

Sunflower images.
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