Pictures of Hydrangeas Flowers (Part II)

Hydrangea Pictures - so what happened is this plant dies back to the ground every winter and if you look here you can see these stems these should be covered with blue flowers.
right now but because it's not properly zoned the plant died back all the way to the base so you didn't get any flowers for the plant to survive it had to put out new growth and that's all the green you see here but there are no flower buds on these for this year but there is in fact a flower bud down inside here for nexia the problem is because the plants in the wrong zone it's gonna get killed to the ground again every year and you're not gonna get any flowers you're just gonna get nice green leaves what I think we should do is find a hydrangea that looks like the neko blue but it's suited for your climate let's take a look and see the reason I love coming to God in centers like this this time of year is all the hydrangeas are in bloom and we can really see what they're gonna look like the first one I wanted to show you is called PG hydrangea and this is this tree form one here has flowers on it that are going to end up being at least twelve inches long absolutely gorgeous and they turn brown and make a nice cut flower this tree is actually gonna get up fifteen or twenty feet tall a little big for your house but in front of a Victorian house it fits perfectly now over here we have a native hydrangea this is hydrangea arbor essence it has a white flower on it native to Florida but will do well in zones three to nine okay so that would grow at my house it would grow at your house and when it gets covered with flowers it actually will fall over the weight of the flowers is so big over here we have hydrangea macrophylla lacecap

Hydrangea Images
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