Beautiful Pictures of Sunflowers (Part III)

Sunflower pictures.
So that you don't inadvertently hoe off a precious plant mistakenly thinking it's a weed and then you need a cane so that you can tie the plant to it and offer it some support as it grows unless of course it's dwarfed variety first up you will need a three-foot cane like that and then eventually if you get a monster you'll need on what bring great meeting like that alex own pots before planting out pots and containers can stop slugs from gobbling up the young seedlings and also pots are a perfect way of growing sunflowers if you're short of space when the sunflowers have finished flowering you can harvest the seeds as a delicious snack you simply chop off the heads and dry them out for a couple of weeks somewhere warm and then once the heads are completely dry the seeds will fall out with a few vigorous shakes or light brushing with your hand then roast them you just pop them in the oven for 30 to 40 minutes or so 150 degrees C pop them in a jar and then enjoy a healthy snack to find out how to go other fruit and vegetables and for other gardening tips follow the links at the end of this film you

Sunflower images.
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