Beautiful Hydrangea Pictures (Part III)

These are pretty right if you look at these the flower is flat it's not like the big dome flower we're used to next to it we have hydrangea macrophylla hortensis
also called mop heads and you can see now we're getting into those big mop head flowers like your neko blue right but these aren't blue no they're not blue and that's because of the soil when hydrangeas grown in alkaline soil the flowers tend to be on the pink side when it's grown in acidic soil you get those nice blue flowers but when you're looking at hydrangeas we have to look for more than just the flowers we have to make sure the high dienes of the plant so you are gonna get flowers where you live this is a unique plant in that it flowers on old wood in new wood so even if this plant got knocked back by the winter the new growth would come out and you'd still get flowers so I couldn't destroy this one can't destroy this one I think it'd be a good choice for your garden great so let's grab a couple and head back okay great all right you can see what do you think it's beautiful that's loaded with flowers yes but it's so small well you're a great gardener and I know you'll take good care of it this time next year it'll be twice the size okay but before we can plant this we have to get the other hydrangea out so what I want you to do is take the sign rake pull all the mulch around the hydrangea and pull it back I'll tie it up and then we can get after it with the shovels okay I Nancy that looks good now what we're gonna use is called a transplanting shovel you can see it has a long steel blade on it and a place to really push down with your feet okay what I want to do is come out about a foot from the stems all right and we're just gonna drive down in the ground as deep as you can I want you to go all the way around without lifting okay don't try to pry it up until we cut the roots all the way around now the hydrangeas a pretty shallow root system what I want you to do line up opposite me put your transplanting shovel in as far as you can okay we've cut all the roots so now we're just trying to get under it and lift up so we can get it out of here we're close would you grab that piece of burlap over there and put it down for me there you go

Hydrangea images.
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