30+ Hydrangea Images Free (Part I)

Hydrangea images - wanna Nancy good morning I like your gotten in fact you have some of my favorite plants here sedum autumn joy I love those just
starting to come in the flower flower wait summer and all the way through the fall I got a lot of mileage out of one plant oh you've been dividing them I have I've got about ten now that's a great tip I'm gonna still be that looks like it's just finishing flower it was beautiful just went by it was a beautiful pink this year these are the old old flowers yeah that a nice plant it was nice and big the flower looks it looks really happy there but we got a plant that's not so happy over here we'll get the leaves on this hosta yeah I see these I didn't know if it was ants or no I think you get a lot of Sun in this back yesterday and I think it's too hot hostas really like a half a day to a full day of shade they do better there so maybe that'll have to be moved but you emailed me about a hydrangea I did this one looks great it's beautiful except there's no flowers oh you want it all I do so give me the history of this plant well I bought it about four years ago at a garden center and it had beautiful blue flowers but Big Blue Mound he won yes okay but after they went by the next year there was nothing and then I haven't had anything since for four years for four years have you tried any remedies yep I have friends who told me to try different things and I tried I've dug them up and tried different things to put in soil and nothing this is what I get beautiful green leaves alright from the description of the flower the Blue Mountain one I'm sure that this is a neko blue hydrangea now neko blue hydrangea likes to grow in zone six to eight think of the United States are divided into different zones and each zone is determined by the low temperature of an average winter six to eight is fairly warm you are in zone five that's colder than zone six

Hydrangea pictures
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